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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Two facts to make you feel smarter in front of your friends

On the Generation Gap this week on Heart Breakfast (if you don't watch it, its hilarious and i recommend everyone to listen to it every weekday morning!) the third and final question was about the average speed of a sneeze. The mum was way off, but amazingly the average speed of a sneeze hits around 600 miles per hour!! I mean, come on, thats amazing! Surely we can find a way to harness this precious source of power into useful energy. Anyway, my challenge this year is to beat the average sneeze speed by hitting 800 MPH. I don't quite know how i am going to measure it, but you can bet your buck i'll be setting up a Just Giving account some time soon ;-)

The other one is quite dodgy as well. Apparently, we humans shed around 600,000 skin particles every hour. Now i'm no doctor, but to me that sounds like we should all be looking like androids or like something out of Independence Day. Intreauging none the less.


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