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Monday, 24 November 2008

Dubai diary

So its been a week since my cousin Arun and I came back from our fun little trip to Dubai & Mumbai. Interestingly, since its all over, we don't really have anything to talk about anymore haha. It was a funny trip. Dubai is a city under total construction, which made it a bit messy. They're a bit over-excited with the things they are doing ("worlds biggest everythings") - but the cool things that are finished, are really really cool :)

We made some interesting observations out in Dubai about life in general out there and what the cool places to see are (this will be out of date as soon as I press publish)

  1. The coins don't have English understood numbers on them - research before hand!
  2. Its a city of total extremes. You have the flash rich with their ridiculously expensive and rare cars who you'll find splashing out at Buddha Bar at the Grosvenor House hotel. You'll then find all the poor Indian workers who were promised a better life by crooked agents in India by offering a better work opportunity. Once they get here, their passports are taken and they live in poor conditions - sharing with up to 20 or 30 people. They work long hours and are tied to these jobs for as long as they are useful. Its controversial, and its sad.
  3. If you need to change money, we would go for GC Exchange in Meena Baza. We then found out that Duty Free beat even that rate!
  4. Dubai is like walking into a cleaner version of India (with nicer buildings).
  5. Dubai muslims are different to non-Dubai muslims. Some drink, smoke, do un-mentionable things to women. i'll stop here.
  6. We were asked if we wanted to take kulfi home in our bag (an hour from home) and keep it in our hotel fridge. I can't say more, i really can't.
  7. We were harassed at Dubai aiport for being suspected drug dealers. We were not.
  8. Roads don't get roadworks done on them. No No. They get 'beautification' treatment. Thats what they call it there.
  9. Local Emiratis have their house, new car every two years, water, heat etc paid for by the state. They get allocated their land and are given top jobs in Dubai.
  10. To get into the Burj Al Arab, you need a reservation (its £60 for a cup of tea). We tried posing as Jewelery suppliers to the jewelery shop, which worked for one of us but not three.
  11. Jumeirah Beach Residence looks like the place to be if you're living in Dubai - nice surroundings, hotels, restaurants.
  12. Atlantis hotel on the Jumeriah Palm is quite simply something else. The hotel is beautiful, has a huge aquarium, water park, restaurants and top quality bars.
  13. Jumeirah beach is really nice. it costs about 5dhs which i hear is to disuade the random starers away. You get in from the park (the grounds are only for women and children on certain days). But its so nice! The water is the perfect temperature and the views are spectacular.
  14. Ski Dubai in the mall of the emirates is worth visiting. We missed the beginner slope session so stuck to the fun area which was great fun anyway!
  15. Shopping malls are not worth it for shopping, but worth seeing. Dubai Mall opened the week we arrived and is the biggest mall in the world (obviously). Its half full but nicely designed. There are escalators every 20 metres, security all over the place, has the biggest mall aquarium in the world and an indoor ice rink. Cinema and fountain still being done up. What was interesting was competition was ridiculous, you probably lose money every day by having a store there, but people don't feel they have a choice. They'd rather be seen to exist where everyone else is even when theres seemingly no business.
  16. The desert safari was worth doing. We saved a packet by booking it in Meena Baza (Independent Tourism) as opposed to our hotel. It includes 4*4, sand surfing, camel riding, belly dancer, food, henna etc etc. Takes up half a day and they'll pick you up and drop you home.
  17. Taxi drivers in dubai are useless. They take you where they want to take you, or they won't take you at all!
  18. If you're going, November and December is perfect for the weather - 36 degrees, yum - om nom nom nom :)
  19. Things to look forward to: the metro link being built above ground will make life so much easier. It stretches the city and will even take you to the heart of the palm. Dubai Sports city, Dubai Land, Hydropolis under water hotel, the spiralling buildings...lots to look forward to in Dubai :)


  • At 28 November 2008 19:32 , Anonymous piyu said...

    sum things are true..sum arent..!!!y0 we rnt nythin like india..!!we are a beter version of london..

  • At 29 November 2008 01:24 , Blogger Kunal Ramchandani said...

    lol, its definately better than london...most of the information was from my guide-friend lol :)

    i still need to write the proper diary of all the cool dubai things!


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