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Thursday, 31 July 2008

what i am up to at the end of july

Its been a very interestingly strange month, can't believe we are half way through the year already!! well there is plenty of interesting things coming up hahaha....

1. from next weekend we begin filming our sikhnet film festival movie! that is going to be awesome but unfortunately i am unable to disclose more information about our submission. Watch this space but it will be hilarious.

2. my rubber band ball seems to be looking rather wimpy these days. i need more rubber bands so I can get it the size of a basketball!!

3. i bought a classical guitar!! hahaha no i have no idea how to play, but its awesome just for a twang. i'm looking for a local teacher though, any ideas? :D

yes yes, i know i'm holding it all wrong.

4. we entered a team for the first sindhi five a side football tournament in mill hill (goal maar). that was fun, we got a respectable quarter final place and lost out to the eventual winners. The after party was an extreme night of bollywood :)

yes, my shoes are of different colours :)

5. got to see the Williams sisters (brothers) play at wimbledon! oooh la la, strawberries and cream ;-) The organisation is so much better than football matches, and people are nice!!

6. I became an official 'external' Rubicon Exotic product tester (i applied to the rubicon tastebuds team and have just trialled the new Sun Exotic Fruit Paradise). hahaha i have way too much time on my hands....

7. My two good buddies Karishma and Nitesh got engaged! yay :D (another night of freshie bollywood)

mmmm think thats it for now :)

Thursday, 17 July 2008

hello little friend

yo! hey buddy! whats up?

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

...decided to start a doodling blog

I used to love doodling so i set up kunals doodles dot com which some of my old doodles. Will upload some recent random doodles later on :) Squirrels draw, but Ninjas Doodle!

Sunday, 13 July 2008

How they ride motorbikes in India

Loving the commentary!

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Two facts to make you feel smarter in front of your friends

On the Generation Gap this week on Heart Breakfast (if you don't watch it, its hilarious and i recommend everyone to listen to it every weekday morning!) the third and final question was about the average speed of a sneeze. The mum was way off, but amazingly the average speed of a sneeze hits around 600 miles per hour!! I mean, come on, thats amazing! Surely we can find a way to harness this precious source of power into useful energy. Anyway, my challenge this year is to beat the average sneeze speed by hitting 800 MPH. I don't quite know how i am going to measure it, but you can bet your buck i'll be setting up a Just Giving account some time soon ;-)

The other one is quite dodgy as well. Apparently, we humans shed around 600,000 skin particles every hour. Now i'm no doctor, but to me that sounds like we should all be looking like androids or like something out of Independence Day. Intreauging none the less.

new OTHER media site launch

Its a shame I never use my site to actually blog, so i'm going to try and bond a bit more with it. Today at work we launched our redesigned Other media site which looks absolutely great. It needed a nice scrub, shower & makeover :)

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