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Monday, 18 May 2009

LOST series 5 finale: The Incident

I totally love LOST. Without a doubt I think it is the greatest show on television (and I get through a lot of tv....). Last nights season finale for LOST was not only the best episode the show has ever seen, I thought it was one of the best episodes i've seen of any TV show...ever!

The thing about this show that keeps interest so high is that it confuses people so much. There are always atleast fifteen major questions at any one time. Whenever some start to get answered (the operative being Start..), more questions appear. The creators are incredibly intelligent and have never ceased to amaze me with how they have introduced (and at times re-introduced) major characters (Jack and Hurley being my favourites). By the way, check out Hurley's blog if you're a fan of his its randomly hilarious.

OK so. The situation. Juliet has set off the hydrogen bomb after falling into the pit, and the screen inverts from its typical all black to all all white show with LOST in black text.

OK so. The questions / theories:

Q We've finally met Jacob. Could he be Satan? I am totally confused here. In the flashbacks he physically touched every major character. Look what happened to them! He also knew what was going to happen (in the real world) to the major characters prior to their arrival on the island. He did get stabbed by Ben but for the island's leader his little defence surprised me. I guess that tells me he wasn't really dead. Surely they can't introduce the biggest question mark of the show and have him stabbed. He also seemingly saved Sayid's life (when his gf got run over) and possibly woke Locke up from death when he landed from the window.

T I am sure there will be re-introductions for the final season. I'm expecting Walt for sure.

Q This Richard fellow. He's interesting and mysterious. Why does he never age? Infact, Jacob doesn't seemed to have aged either from his real world visits. Could he be related to Richard? Richard seems to know a lot of things that even the then-leader Ben didn't know.

Q Guy in the black t-shirt talking to Jacob early on, who is this guy? He wanted to kill Jacob but couldn't without the loophole? wtf? Jacob was in a white tshirt. Some kind of symbolic good v evil, God v Satan thing going on here? But I don't think he is evil this guy, he didn't like the boat people and the corruption they bring. Then again could Jacob be evil? ahhh!!??

Q I don't know who this Llana girl is, or why shes on the island. She seems to know things. I don't know why or how.

T So we believe the H bomb went off. But did it? Lets think it through. The bomb goes off then none of this happened? Everyone is as they were in their normal lives, or back in Oceanic 815. I can't see that happening, just doesn't add up. Another time movement? Possibly but it hasn't happened in a while.

Its a long wait till the final series, but interestingly according to LOST's wikipedia page, Jack (Matthew Fox) is the only cast member who knows what will happen at the end. Wait hang on. Why should he know? Hmmmmmm......


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