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Saturday, 12 September 2009

People who buy this, also buy that - the Amazon upsell

So for whatever reason I was on the German Amazon site. I cannot speak German and have never bought from the site. For whatever reason thereafter I was looking for Baseball bats on Amazon.de. Interestingly i've never played baseball and don't intend to, we have a wii for that.

So this fine looking baseball bat caught my eye.....

Amazon are renowned in the web world for using clever algorithms to find the best selection of other products you may be interested in. i.e. People who bought X typically also buy Y. They are actually so good that 30% of the time i've been sold - that's a great conversion for a cross sell.

Anyway. In Germany, people who typically buy the very fabulous Aluminium Baseballschlager 30' American Baseball typically buy the following items (this still hasn't been taken down by Amazon.de)....

Yup. People who buy the bat typically buy leather black gloves, a balaclava (wtf...) and what appears to be pepperspray....

Good God German people, you scary!


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